David Mengual

SLOW & CANELA, upcoming concerts in Barcelona

DAVID MENGUAL SLOW QUARTET + CARME CANELA, presentation of the new CD “Extraña alegría de vivir”.
Upcoming concerts in Barcelona:
Tuesday 9 May – 20h y 22h – Jamboree, Barcelona
Thursday 11 May – 22.30h – Hot Blues, Igualada
Tuesday 23 May – 20h – Sala Artte Bcn, Barcelona
Thursday 1 June – 21.30h – Nota 79, Barcelona
Friday 2 June – 23h – Mirinda, Mataró

New release: David Mengual Slow Quartet & Carme Canela

David Mengual Slow Quartet & Carme Canela: “Extraña alegría de vivir”

Release date: April 19, 2017

Available in all digital stores

David Mengual’s “Slow & Canela” concerts


“Vertebrats”, best jazz album of 2014, Enderrock Awards

David Mengual Free Spirits Big Band “Vertebrats” has been awarded as Best Jazz Album of 2014, by Spanish Magazine Enderrock Awards.



New Release: David Mengual Free Spirits Big Band “Vertebrats”

Available on September 22 in all digital stores.

Official presentation in concert on September 27: Sant Andreu Jazz Festival, Barcelona.

Musical and artistic direction: David Mengual
Original compositions and arrangements: Toni Vaquer
Choreographer: Juliette Louste
Dance: Juliette Louste and Tura Gómez
Art work and photography: Carles Roche
Double length album, 32 songs by David Mengual, Toni Vaquer, Jordi Mestres, Oriol Roca, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

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New Release: David Mengual “Slow Quartet”: U

Introducing David’s second album for bebyne records. Release date: September 16, 2013.


David Mengual Septet “DERIVA” released. Available only in digital format