Official Release of “Borrachito”, by Sergio Pamies

Stefan Karlsson US, Japan and China tour with Eddie Gomez trio

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Carles Benavent at Miles Davis Tribute

Carles Benavent performing on Miles Davis Tribute. 

Featuring: Miles Davis Tribut Big Band

Directors: Joan Chamorro con Carles Benavent, Jordi Bonell y Llibert Fortuny
. Arrangements: Alfonso Carrascosa and Sergi Vergés. 
Joan Chamorro: baritone/tenor/alto sax and clarinet. 
Matthew Simon: trumpet. 
Jaume Peña: trumpet. 
Andrea Motis: trumpet and vocals
. Alba Armengol: trumpet
. Josep Tutusaus: trombone
. Sergi Vergés: trombone. 
Dani Téllez: trombone
. Eva Fernández: alto/soprano sax and clarinet
. Joan Martí: alto sax
. Alba Esteban: alto sax
. Isce Datzira: tenor sax and clarinet. 
Carles Vázquez: tenor sax and flute
. Eva Fernández: baritone sax
. Joan Monné: piano and keyboards. 
Curro Gálvez: double bass and electric bass. 
Esteve Pi: drums

Interview to Iñaki Sandoval in “La crónica de León”, by L. Castellanos

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Iñaki Sandoval Trio: Venezuela Tour 2011. With Horacio Fumero and David Xirgu

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Interview to Iñaki Sandoval for JAÇ Magazine

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Official release of “Smilin’ Eyes”, solo piano recording by Stefan Karlsson

Official Release of “Miracielos”, by Iñaki Sandoval. Featuring Eddie Gomez and Billy Hart

Chick Corea, featuring Carles Benavent and Niño Josele

At the end of the solo piano concert by Chick at the beautiful Palau de la Música (Barcelona, Spain), he called by surprise to his friends Carles Benavent and Niño Josele. They played a couple of songs as encores, for an very excited audience. Allaboutjazz article