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2 Sep 2014

David Mengual Free Spirits Big Band: Menta, diari sonor

  • 01. Samurai Hee-Haw (Marc Johnson)
  • 02. Falguera (David Mengual)
  • 03. Marco Incomparable (David Mengual)
  • 04. Radiance III (Keith Jarrett)
  • 05. Sambatracio (Benet Palet / Jordi Riera)
  • 06. Le dice el niño (Dani Pérez)
  • 07. Oxigen (David Mengual)
  • 08. KOP (Joan Díaz)
  • ---
  • DIGITAL edition only
  • Re-Issue, 2012

“Menta” is an anthology of poems by David Castillo, that inspired the original music by David Mengual. “Diari sonor” is the basic concept that explains why the chosen repertoire. The selection of topics is very varied backgrounds, style and age, but all are part of the soundtrack that accompanies David Mengual, the songs that have touched over the years, having spent part of his life and himself. Music without chooses it, come and stay in the memory for a lifetime. Likewise arrangers chosen for each piece are special people for some reason or another: the inseparable friend Joan Diaz, arranger Evans topics Universe, the debut work of the Free Spirits Big Band, Joan Vidal breaking new ground with its point of view younger, Sergi Sirvent creativity, friendship with Giulia Valle... Each concert begins with the surprise of the music played by the musicians, ready to project sincere music, and the public, willing to feel and into it without knowing what the outcome. The music thus becomes ephemeral, fresh and natural: similar to mint, taste and smell that once you approach indeed find a place in memory.


  • Musical and artistic direction: David Mengual
  • Arrangements: David Mengual, Giulia Valle, Joan Vidal, Sergi Sirvent, Toni Vaquer and Joan Diaz

  • Alvar Monfort, Natsuko Sugao, Ivan González: trumpets
  • Miguel "Pintxo" Villar, Gonzalo Levin: tenor sax
  • Joan Mas, Oriol Fontclara: alto sax
  • Juan Clavero: alto sax and harmonica
  • Aram Montagut, Marc Joaniquet, Darío García: trombone
  • Guillem Jubany: guitar
  • Lina Lomanto: piano
  • Alex Reviriego: double bass
  • Josema Martin, Jordi Herreros: drums and percussion

    Celeste Alias, Pablo Selnik, David Soler

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