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release date
20 May 2017

Sergio Pamies: What Brought You Here?

  • 01. What Brought You Here? (Intro)
  • 02. Our Man Andrew
  • 03. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Verse)
  • 04. I Get A Kick Out Of You
  • 05. Bem-Aventurado
  • 06. Aún No Te Conozco
  • 07. All Of You
  • 08. What Brought You Here? (Trio)
  • 09. El Hijo De La Portuguesa
  • 10. This Is For (Joan) Albert
  • 11. Faltando Um Pedaço
  • 12. What Brought You Here? (Reprise)
  • ---
  • All songs composed by Sergio Pamies except 3, 4, 7 by Cole Porter and 11 by Djavan Caetano Viana

What Brought You Here? is the new album of Spanish pianist, Sergio Pamies. His previous album, Borrachito, was a robust defense of the artistic possibilities of Flamenco Jazz (special mention to “Fandango in Boskovice,” with Christian Scott). Not only does What Brought You Here? convey Pamies’ musical evolution and growth, but it reveals the most intimate side of the artist; Pamies showcases his composition, arranging, and producing abilities. This album is the work of a seasoned jazz pianist, and it demonstrates his commitment and dedication to his art. Pamies has reached a new level of maturity in this playing, paying tribute to the jazz piano masters in each improvised line. What Brought You Here? begins with a solo piano rendition of the album’s title track that fades into the lively, “Our Man Andrew,” a title that references Lee Morgan’s “Our Man Higgins,” where Quamon Fowler, Andrew Griffith, Young Heo, and Pamies himself demonstrate the vibrant Dallas – Fort Worth jazz scene. Ashleigh Smith and Samuel Torres contribute to this refreshing version of Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” where the orchestration features horns, electric pianos, and percussion, displaying Pamies’ creativity and thoughtful musicality. “Bem-Aventurado” alludes to Jobim, João Donato, Ivan Lins, Eliane Elias, and all the Brazilian artists who helped jazz and Música Popular Brasileira come together. Sergio Pamies' solo on this track shows his strength as an artist as he artfully stretches and crafts rhythmic and melodic ideas to their maximum capacity. His melodic and lyrical writing is noteworthy in “Aún No Te Conozco,” where Pete Clagett’s beautiful sound on the flugelhorn floats above a sophisticated contrapuntal arrangement accompanied by a string quartet. Clay Pritchard’s robust sound in “All of You,” is a welcomed addition to this Cole Porter classic. The elegant and unpretentious version of “What Brought You Here?” is one of the outstanding moments of this album, and features Lupe Barrera, Young Heo, and Pamies’ chemistry as a trio. “El Hijo de la Portuguesa” is Pamies’ tribute to the collaboration between Paco de Lucía and Chick Corea, featuring a brilliant Brad Kang along with Pamies’ childhood friends from Borrachito. “This is for (Joan) Albert” is an Evanesque piano trio piece dedicated to the great Spanish composer Joan Albert Amargós. In “Faltando Um Pedaço,” Granada vocalist Lara Bello enhances the beauty of this Djavan tune with her delicate and passionate unmistakable style. What Brought You Here? opens and closes with the title track, the leitmotif that will accompany Pamies in his future endeavors in the USA.



Sergio Pamies, Young Heo, Lupe Barrera, Quamon Fowler, Andrew Griffith, Ashleigh Smith, Samuel Torres, Nick Rothouse, Pete Clagett, Clay Pritchard, Brad Kang, José Cortés "El Indio", Miguel Fernández "Cheyenne", Lara Bello, Daniel Pardo, John Sturino

Produced by Sergio Pamies

Executive Producers:
Iñaki Sandoval and Antonio Pamies

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