“Beautiful by Necessity – 10 Years”

“Beautiful by Necessity – 10 Years”, released today! 

Bebyne Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with the publication of its 25th release, a double size compilation album (24 songs, one from each of the 24 references), featuring the following artists: 
Carles Benavent, Stefan Karlsson, Iñaki Sandoval, David Mengual, Horacio Fumero, Adrian Iaies, Sergio Pamies, Claudia Bardagí, Joan Garrobé, Ricardo Curto, Jose Alba, Carles Benavent, Eddie Gomez, Billy Hart, Christian Scott, Angie Benavent, David Mengual Free Spirits Big Band. 
Thank you all so very much!

Available in all digital stores and streaming platforms. 

“Whatever is beautiful, is beautiful by necessity” be-by-ne
(Pindar, ca. 522–443 BC).

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