Carles Benavent

“Agüita que corre – Revisited”, Carles Benavent Ensemble


At the same time that “Vida” is released, Carles Benavent wants to pay tribute to drummer Roger Blavia (also featured in this session) publishing a unique and beautiful album “Agüita que corre – Revisited”, featuring arrangements for string quartet, by guitarist Joan Sanmarti.



  • Carles Benavent, electric bass, mandola, piccolo fretless, double bass
  • Joan Sanmarti, arrangements, guitar, sitar-guitar
  • Roger Blàvia, percussion
  • Angie Benavent, vocal (track 6)


  • Carlota Amargós, violin
  • Biel Graells, violin
  • Ushi Amrgós, viola
  • Jordi Claret, cello

“Agüita que corre” was originally released in 1995, as one of legendary Carles Benavent’s most celebrated albums. In 2012, under the musical direction and arrangements of guitarist Joan Sanmarti, a revisited version of the album is produced and recorded with the occasion of the Jazz Granollers jazz festival. Now the music is released under the title “Agüita que corre – Revisited”, featuring a string quartet along with the rhythm section leaded by Benavent on the electric bass, mandola, piccolo fretless, and double bass. An original and beautiful new angle to Benavent’s classic repertoire, with his unique virtuosity, freshness and Mediterranean flamenco sound.



Carles Benavent presents “Vida” (CD&DVD)

Carles Benavent presents new album: “Vida”, a live concert with his regular band, dedicated to the memory of drummer Roger Blavia. Release date: September 21, 2018

After the tragic death of Roger Blavia -Benavent’s life-long friend, and musical brother-, “Vida” is dedicated to him. A live concert recorded on July 4/5, 2017 at Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona, featuring:

  • Carles Benavent, electric bass
  • Roger Blàvia, drums and percussion
  • Roger Mas, piano
  • Raynald Colom, trumpet
  • Tomasito, baile, palmas and vocals

The album is available in digital formats and CD&DVD physical format, with extra content and rare video performances. Watch the official trailer

Vida es lo que daba Roger a todos los proyectos que con él compartí.

Vida es el nombre de este álbum que, para mí, junto a los videos y

material extra del dvd, dan fé de ello

Gracias Roger! (Carles Benavent)

“Vida” (life) is what Roger gave to all projects that we shared together.

“Vida“ is the title of this album, which for me, along with all videos and

extra material compiled for the dvd, give faith of it…

Thank you Roger(Carles Benavent)

In Memoriam Roger Blàvia (1963-2017)