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Ese cachorro está que muerde! Paquito D’Rivera, Borrachito 2011

Sergio Pamies, a young Andalusian pianist, makes this recording a great entry into Spanish discography. A Jazz record? Not only. Flamenco? Not only. Maybe we are talking about flamenco-jazz? Not exactly. This Borrachito goes beyond the mere juxtaposition of two genres (as we see too often). This record marks the concern of a musician who has bathed in flamenco music and cannot (and does not want to) discard it, as well as his attraction for the great music of the twentieth century, jazz. Patrick Dalmace, Jazz Hot Magazine (France) 2013

Pamies chooses elegance (above other qualities), displaying such a great ability at the level of the legends of Flamenco jazz and Latin jazz. Martí Farré, JAÇ Magazine (Spain) 2012

Flamenco and jazz interact, not just complementing each other, but melting together. January Ruiz, W1M World Music Magazine (Spain) 2012

Rich DeRosa arranged Shorter’s “Infant Eyes” and Silver’s “Song for My Father,” the last featuring the band’s talented pianist, Sergio Pamies. Jack Bowers, 2014

Sergio Pamies, pianist of the new batch of Granada, whom some recognize the new Chano Domínguez. Chema García Martínez, El País (Spain) 2008

Pamies has a solid jazz formation and an undoubted talent for composition. Karles Torra, La Vanguardia 2008

…Yet, it did not sound like imitating Domínguez’s approach. The music had a light touch with a deliciously swinging flamenco beat. There was nothing artificial about the fusion of two genres of music. Tapani Lausti,, 2008

In the Wayne Shorter ballad “Infant Eyes,” pianist Sergio Pamies’ solo captures a sense of wanderlust as his melodic lines meander against the woodwind section’s backdrop of mesmerizing iridescent harmonies. Edward Brown, Fort Worth Weekly 2014

At this point during the concert, Pamies demonstrated once more that he has the flamenco picaresque, together with the jazz technique. Jose Manuel Rojas, Ideal (Spain) 2012

Pianists who approach flamenco music usually try to imitate the guitar. However, Pamies gets inspiration in flamenco singing, enriching his playing with its characteristic colors and melodic runs. Jorge Fernández Bustos, (Spain) 2012



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